Directional Drilling Services

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InDepth Directional Drilling’s services are flexible and can match your needs.  We can offer a basic plan and simply install a conduit from “point A” to “point B”.  We can also customize a plan to complete your entire project.  Your project may include multiple conduits, varying in size with different uses.

We are able to drill in many different types of ground conditions including rock.  With our various size of drills & support equipment, we have the ability to custom design the right combination to assure your job is successful.


This is the most common scenario that we work with.  Whether its a new underground electric system, a new water service, or a new sewer main,  Directional Drilling is the ideal method  for installing a utility under a roadway without having to cut the road.

In May of 2016 we were contracted to install conduit for a new Mass DOT project for installation of new signage and cameras along Route 24 from Fall River to Brockton. This particular location of the project called for us to install (1) 3 inch conduit under the Route 24 off ramp to Route 195 East.

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In some situations, the shortest and most direct route to access a public utility may have a river in your path.  Directional Drilling allows you the capability to install your conduit under the river without disturbing the sensitive coastal banks.

Horizontal directional drilling - under rivers and waterways


You need a water line or electric service down to your dock but there are restrictions on trenching in a wetland area.  We can install water and power to your dock without disturbing a wetlands sensitive makeup by drilling underground and leaving the surface undisturbed.


When it comes to replacing an existing utility, sometimes the most effective way to do the job can require us to drill under an existing building and come up through a basement floor.  This is most common with water services as we need to provide frost protection.  Traveling underneath a building can also be more cost effective than through a building.


Drilling under highways has become more common as design engineers understand the technology and are applying it to projects that they were either unable to do, or it just wasn’t cost effective.

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Installing conduit under a runway utilizing Directional Drilling will always make more sense than open cut methods.  It saves the cost of a complex restoration process as well as minimizing the downtime of a runway. InDepth Directional Drilling has experience with conduit placement in large airports, including a Cleveland International Airport project in 2014.

Directional drilling at airport for utility placement


Crossing a railway line utilizing Directional Drilling allows you to leave the tracks and rail bed undisturbed.